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Botala Energy

61 431 527 885

Botala Energy’s mission is to enable a successful, secure, and sustainable energy future for Botswana and unlock new economic opportunities. Established in 2018 Botala is currently exploring and developing; the Serowe Gas Project and Solar Opportunities within Botswana. We are looking to become a zero net carbon emissions company developing hybrid energy projects in Botswana. Our current operations centralise around our coal bed methane (CBM) projects with the potential for more exciting opportunities in the future within renewable energies.

Our development and growth will ideally have many positive social, environmental, and economical benefits for our wide range of stakeholders and shareholders. This includes increasing the supply and reliability of Botswana’s energy supply, reducing the cost of domestic electricity, reducing and ideally removing the need for Botswana to import external energy and creating a revenue stream through the export of cleaner electricity and sale of gas.

Silver Sponsor
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