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JP Biochem

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Since its inception in 2001, JP Biochem has strived to provide high-end innovative solutions to its clients in the medical, safety and laboratory sectors in Botswana. With a staff complement of more than sixty highly motivated persons, in partnership with world-leading brands such as Drӓger and Zeiss, we provide class-leading products, services and aftermarket support.

Recently, we expanded our portfolio to include Drӓger Safety solutions to ensure industrial safety including mining. We offer a range of products that ensure workers are fit for work (alcohol and drug testing), occupational health and safety (personal protection equipment, respirators, suits and gas detectors), ventilation and plant safety, fire protection (toxic and flammable gas detectors, thermal imaging systems for fire detection and exhaust fumes tester), emergency escape (escape hoods, positive pressure breathing devices and portable oxygen supply, quick fill stations, refuge chambers), firefighting, emergency response and rescue (helmets, communication devices, positive pressure closed circuit breathing apparatus, reusable suits for protection against mechanical influences and multiple gaseous, liquid, aerosol and solid hazardous substances)

Our relationship with Zeiss dates back more than 20 years. Zeiss solutions for the mining industry allow our clients to maximize the efficient recovery of the main mineral from its respective ore. Mining companies seek significant scientific validation to reduce the risk within the mine model before investing in further mining. Furthermore, once an operation is underway, mineral processing flowsheets must be optimized to maximize economic recovery. With the broadest portfolio of mineralogy and texture solutions for the mining industry and a rich history in geoscience, Zeiss in partnership with JP Biochem is ideally suited to solving these challenges.

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