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The premier Botswana Mining & Energy Conference and Exhibition focuses on the mineral resources, electricity & power generation market as well as renewable energy opportunities, challenges & perspectives. The event addresses the new direction for the mining and energy industries to move forward, presents market investment development options, enhanced government policies and new regulations.

Botswana Mining & Energy Conference and Exhibition brings together the most influential & innovative minds to establish itself as leading mining, energy investment and technology showcase platform in the region. Our inspirational keynotes and pioneer speakers provide latest industry knowledge and tips for the changing industry across the globe.


Meeting platform for mining, power and energy companies CXOs, ministers, investors, technology leaders & other industry experts in Africa.

Making Botswana more attractive destination for mining investment

Exploring opportunities for the electricity sector and introducing smart electricity solutions

Oil & Gas industry market challenges and opportunities from downstream to midstream

Renewable energy perspectives including solar, hydro and wind power

Special outlook on copper, nickel, coal, diamond, gold, cobalt, bauxite, salt, iron ore and manganese

Deriving optimal benefits for investors and country from the extracting, processing and exporting of these minerals

Improving energy access and developing infrastructure (bridges and road networks, electricity, water supply and communication systems)


Establishing a comprehensive governance framework for the mining & energy sectors & updates on regulations and industry standards

Latest technologies in mining & energy industries & Energy storage applications

Building trust and confidence of foreign investors – roles played by government and industry players

Occupational safety & health hazards & sustainable development and environment

Business partnerships - finding out the solution for success in company collaborations


Botswana Mining & Energy (BME) | Botswana mining | botswana coal | mining | Tshkedi Khama

Speaking Roles

From keynote presentations, practical case studies and country spotlights to interactive roundtable discussions and workshops, BME gives you the opportunity to showcase your expertise in a multitude of formats

Botswana Mining & Energy (BME) | Botswana mining | botswana coal | mining | Diamonds

Limited Slots

Opportunities are limited - premier speaking presentations and lead positions are ONLY available for silver sponsors and above. These are allocated on a first come first serve basis!

Botswana Mining & Energy (BME) | Botswana mining | botswana coal | mining

Be Our Speaker

Do you want to speak alongside these industry leaders from the mining and technology sectors in Africa? 

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