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Image by Ju Ostroushko

Evelyn Gondo

Sales Manager - SADC

JA Solar

Evelyn has more than 10 years experience in renewable energy, finance & investment analysis as well as farming. Her niche has been Transforming start-ups to profitable companies in renewables industry, finance and a latest venture of farming. Her approach takes cognisance of the microeconomic and macroeconomic fundamentals, risks assessment and mitigation, while harnessing the entrepreneurial drive and nurturing sustainability in all her work.

She has collaborated with leaders in the green energy industry in providing access to solar energy, solar financing, solar project development and have seen some Megawatts installed in the process. A dual fulfilment of sustainability in the process.

Her green energy expertise has seen her collaborate with colleagues in Southern Africa to analyse and evaluate solar projects as well as design and recommend business models that bring the Finance and Renewables companies into mutually beneficial partnerships.

Evelyn Gondo
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